Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I need to do a little venting, make a little rant. I was at the grocery store tonight and the woman in front of me, she was in her 70s I suppose, took about 5 minutes to write a check. Hello, it's the 21st century!!! Writing a check at the grocery? That is really really old school! There we are waiting for her to find her check book, find her pen, fill out every-single-space not before the bill is totaled but after of course. She also filled in the register part before handing the check to the clerk. Oh!

I'm not one for trendy gizmos, like text-messenging, or mobile phone email but gees when you can get cash back by using a credit card, and pay just one bill per month, why not! This isn't 1978 where the clerk has to phone in each CC transaction to get approval, a present day CC transaction is actually quicker than cash in most sitations.

Get with it lady, get a debit card or credit card, or carry cash. Thank you.

Photo: NYC
Camera: Mamiya 6

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