Saturday, November 25, 2006

Back from a week on the Oregon coast, where we had surprisingly nice, but very changable, weather. I didn't take many photos but I got several nice bike rides along the coast in during our time there.

Photo: San Francisco
Camera: Hasselblad 500cm

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've been going through my negatives from Tokyo, looking for images I missed the first time through and found quite a few good ones. My tokyo trip was some of the last street photography I did with my Hasselblad 500cm. I have since switched to a Mamiya 6 rangefinder camera (and I now find myself eyeing the new Leica M8 as a possible digital street camera option).

Tokyo was a difficult city to do street photography in as I was often the only non-asian in the area and people quickly noticed me. They also seemed to figure out what I was up to, unlike most places I've attempted my style of photography. Tokyo is a great city which I hope to get back to before long.

Location: Tokyo (Ikebukuro), Japan
Camera: 500cm

Friday, November 10, 2006

Good thing I got some bike miles in during our sunny yesterday as another tropical storm blew through town today. Ah yeah, if it's fall it must be "pineapple express" season. In other words, a storm from the south pacific blows through town providing warmth and rain, then we get a sun break of a day or two, then another storm passes through. It beats snow, hurricanes, hail, fires, earthquakes, but I'm already tired of it and am already thinking of migrating to Palm Springs!

Tomorrow is my new NYC gallery opening but the company I ordered frames from shorted my order! My walls will be a bit thin tomorrow but there's little I can do about it.

Photo: NYC
Camera: Nikon D200

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I received an email invitation this morning to open a Saatchi artist's gallery page. Sure, why not. Received my inkjet paper this morning and got busy printing my November exhibit. Only one problem, I ran out of frames.

I sure love my new printer. Without doing more than clicking a few buttons this printer prints out prints exactly as they looked on my monitor. I guess I have Apple and HP to think for this simplicity.

Image: a hotel room in southern France
Material: Oil on Canvas

Monday, November 06, 2006

My new frames arrived today and tomorrow I will start printing my new exibition that opens Saturday. This will be my first exibit based on inkjet prints. I guess it would sound more impressive if I called them glicée prints but I'm not French so I'm sticking with the english term inkjet. I could at least call them pigment-based inkjet prints eh.

Photo: Berlin
Camera: Nikon D70s

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last week I took my paintings off my studio's grey wall and now today I rehung them very tightly on my dark red wall. So, I now have a wall pretty much solid with my paintings all the way to the ceiling 18 above. I'm now waiting for the frames and paper I've ordered to arrive and I will start printing black and white images for my new exibit that will hang on the grey wall. Exibit opens November 12th in my studio, hours that day (during the Ballard Art Walk) are 6-9pm and other times by appointment.

Photo: Berlin, 1992
Camera: Hasselblad 500cm