Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've put together a book of my street photography projects for the year 2010. There's a link below to order a copy. Thanks, ron

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So I received 80 rolls of Neopan 400 in 120 format yesterday. That shipment came from England and was actually cheaper per roll than the order I have in at Adorama. Today I should receive 250 rolls of the 400 roll order I placed with Adorama. I'm not sure if I will receive the balance of my order or not but between these two shipments I ought to have enough film to get me through the summer; maybe.

I leave for NYC in a few weeks and expect to shoot about 100 rolls in that week alone. I hope Fuji comes up with a replacement and doesn't leave us 120 shooters in the dark.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just tried to order Fuji Neopan 400, 120 format, for an upcoming photo project and was shocked to find out it has been discontinued. What? no, say it isn't so Fuji. I'm told there might be one last shipment coming so I ordered 400 rolls.

This has been my black and white film of choice for years now. It's a great film and at a $1 per roll cheaper than Tri-X a great value.

I actually envisioned Kodak giving up on Tri-X before Fuji would reduce their product choices; I guess I got that wrong. So, the choice will soon be Tri-x or one of the eastern european offerings. I've tried a few of those and I was not all that pleased with the results. I guess there's also Ilford, I think, but again I'm not that crazy about HP5 as it doesn't seem to scan as well as Tri-X or Neopan.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am working on creating a list of the best items, what I'm calling things "Worth Owning". In both good and bad economic times one needs to make their money to further and so I'm working on a list of great things. This is a list of things that work straight from the box, that won't get out dated quickly, and you will want to hold onto. Well, that's my in my opinion at least.

here's the link: Ron Greer's "Worth Owning" List
I just received my copy of Robert Frank's The Americans; the expanded version. Wow, what a great book, first off its huge. Second the quality has to be seen to appreciate, it's printed in Germany and the reproductions, binding are of the finest quality.

I have owned the standard version of the book for a decade or so and was hesitant to the same book over. Well, the moment I opened the Amazon box thoughts disappeared. Although I'm just starting to read it it is clear the author has really done their research. The addition of such items as copies of letters, including his Guggenheim grant proposal, and his contact sheets really make the book come alive.

Anyone interested in street photography needs this book! Here's a link for it:

Looking In: Robert Frank's The Americans, Expanded Edition

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Annie Clark, aka St Vincent is my current favorite musician. Below is a link to a great in-studio recording. Check out her dreamy voice and her effortless finger picking guitar licks. While I think she is better in person her two albums are well worth picking up.

St Vincent: Marry Me

St Vincent: Actor