Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just tried to order Fuji Neopan 400, 120 format, for an upcoming photo project and was shocked to find out it has been discontinued. What? no, say it isn't so Fuji. I'm told there might be one last shipment coming so I ordered 400 rolls.

This has been my black and white film of choice for years now. It's a great film and at a $1 per roll cheaper than Tri-X a great value.

I actually envisioned Kodak giving up on Tri-X before Fuji would reduce their product choices; I guess I got that wrong. So, the choice will soon be Tri-x or one of the eastern european offerings. I've tried a few of those and I was not all that pleased with the results. I guess there's also Ilford, I think, but again I'm not that crazy about HP5 as it doesn't seem to scan as well as Tri-X or Neopan.

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