Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm still working on developing my NYC film but I do have many roll scanned and some images up on my web site . I got worried with the first batch of film I developed as I had almost an entire roll of film that was slightly forward focused, in other words soft. But, so far I am averaging 50% or better of usable images per roll; so I'm happy.

Many people have asked me why I haven't switched to digital for my black and white work (where auto focus might help). It might help although autofocus cameras are hardly foolproof. The biggest problem with digital, to date, is only a dSLR has the quality I want (and the lack of lag delay), but they are all too noisy for my way of photographing (3 to 5 feet away from the subject). Even my Mamiya 6 is a bit too noisy, I try to time the exposure with a street noise, or in the case of subway shots I took while in NYC, the noise of the brakes or doors opening.

I love this picture of the woman and her son. He was looking at me most of the time, the woman didn't notice me (I was 3 feet way) but a woman a few seats down did (which I noticed once I had the shot), and she gave me the evil eye and changed seats. That was fine, she wasn't worth a frame any ways.

I sometimes feel like one of the angles in "wings of Desire", as most kids pick up on what I'm doing (taking photos of them) but the adults are for the most part clueless. Which is a good thing.

Photos: NYC
Camera: Mamiya 6, 50mm lens, Tri-X film