Monday, January 22, 2007

Have you ever thought of wearing a beret? One of the world's greatst head covering inventions ever. I own several berets: french, english, spainish. I love them.It is rare to see someone in France wearing a beret, they have been out of fashion there for the past 20 plus years; with the exception of the American tourist. So where is the beret still worn, or Boina as the Spainish call them, why the Spanish Basque region of course.

Which brings me to the finest beret made; which I just happen to import. I'm not getting rich importing berets, I guess it's my hobby, but sell them off my web site: HERE , and on ebay from time to time. I just received a new order and I haven't raised the price, even though they cost me more than the last order (and the dollar has fallen once again). So, splurge a bit and order one. They also make a great present as there is only one size (the headband can be stretched to fit any head).

Friday, January 19, 2007

A few months ago I made the terrible terrible mistake of pulling my 35mm Leica lens off the counter with my MP's neck strap. The lens looked fine but the focus was froze! I took it to a local German camera repair guy who, after months of dinking around says there are no new parts to be had and all the used parts he has ordered a not good enough.

So now what? A new 35mm Leica lens is over $2,100!!! My other choice is a $1,000 Japanese-made Zeiss or $300 Voightlander lens. mmm. what to do? In the mean time I'm having fun with my new little pocket camera, the Leica D Lux 3. Still back-ordered most places I've been shooting away for over a month. It's not up to 35mm standards, which means the photos I take can only be for fun, or painting ideas.

Photo: Seattle
Camera: Leica D Lux 3

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well tonight's Ballard art walk was a big success. It was unusually cold in Seattle (32 degrees f) so I was surprised to see how many people ventured out. Of course it didn't hurt that we had birthday cake on hand; not to mention beer, wine, champagne, german wieners.

I showed a more extensive display of my most recent New York City photos, as well as a few new oil paintings.

Photo: Studio Boina, Ballard
Camera: Leica D Lux 3

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The New Year gets started and I have several goals: more and longer bike rides, shoot more street photography, paint more, write more.

I'm planning to head to San Fransico next month to see the start of the Tour of California, I'll also do some street photography while there. I also need to get a trip back to NYC but I'm uncertain if it will be spring or fall. Summer I'm off to Europe. I expect to fly to Brussels, visit the Eddy Merckx Bicycle works, stop off in my old haunts Paris before heading to Germany and finally Vienna and Venice.

This Saturday will be the first Ballard ArtWalk for the year and I will be open.