Friday, July 21, 2006

oh man is it ever hot here in Seattle! At 10:30pm it's still 85f. That's even hotter than L.A. We Northwesterner's like our summers between 66 and 77 degrees; otherwise we complain. Do I dare say Seattle has the best summers in the USA? I think we do. Name another major city were it is more pleasant in the summer. Seattle gets lots of laughs for rain but I think we have the best weather in the nation. I can bicycle year round, need not worry about fires, floods, bugs, my roof blowing away, my car pounded by hail (happened to me in Texas), no need for A/C (well today it might be nice but we're talking one week per year). I was in Santa Barbara last winter, where it was raining day and night the entire stay (a week). One needed to jump from the curb with all their might in hopes of missing the river of water flowing down the "street". A local had the nerve to say "oh, you must be use to weather like this". Uh, no, I'm not! Only San Francisco has a climate that is as pleasant year round as Seattle.

I had big plans to take photos downtown today but I was a bit too agressive with my bike riding and ended up with road rash;oops, that pretty much dampened my photo plans. Spent the morning scanning more old negatives, like this one.

Photo: Aberdeen, Wa
Camera; 500cm

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