Thursday, December 14, 2006

I think I'm in holiday mode now. No, I don't have the holiday spirit I'm just sort of waiting for it to be over! All seems to be "on hold" for the holidays. I've done a bit of painting, printed a few photos, but other than that I'm just kind of hanging out, waiting for the new year, new projects, new adventures, new ideas.

I did buy a new pocket camera, a Leica D Lux 3 It's by far the nicest looking of the pocket digital cameras but more than just a pretty face it has a useful lens range(one of the few that goes to 28mm) and it produces quite nice images, although the sensor size is too limiting; but so are all the pocket digital. I'm waiting, waiting for a full sized sensor pocket camera!

Photo: Madera, Ca
Camera: Mamiya 6

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