Saturday, April 14, 2007

I rode my first century (100 miles) of the year Thursday. I realized on Tuesday it would be my last chance to ride a century before I turned half a century old; which I did yesterday.

I rode my new bike, a Rivendell Romulus Cantilever. This frame was made in a small batch a few years ago and I found a new old stock in my size (61cm) at a Minneapolis bike shop. I received the frame a week ago yesterday and had the bike built up by Tuesday; so this was also a shake-down run.

I didn't have the idea for this ride until Tuesday and did little more than put air in the tires and buy some food. Other than a flat tire, a constant headwind, and some light rain I had no problems and made the ride in an acceptable 6 hours. Not as good as I had hoped for, but considering I rode every day of the week (I should have rested at least Wednesday), didn't have the greatest selection of food along (too much sugary stuff), and was riding alone, I feel happy with the results. The bike was perfect and already feels like an good friend!

The clan members met me 10 miles from my destination, the Olympic Club in Centralia (an amazing place). There we ate, drank, watched a movie, played some pool, and stayed the night. We came back to Seattle today to celebrate my birthday with friends. A nice start to the second half of my century.

Photo 1: The 'Romy' at a snack break
Photo 2: Meeting the clan members (aka: Louise & Lucas) just before my final destination
Photo 3: The Olympic Club
Photo 4: The 'Romy' at rest in our room at the Olympic Club Hotel

camera: Leica D Lux 3

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