Saturday, August 18, 2007

No photo today. I have something like 50+ rolls of 120 B&W film to develop. My European adventures were great: Frankfurt, Paris, Schwäbisch Hall, Dresden, Spreewald, I got lots of photos and had some great times and although I've been back in the states for weeks now I still haven't made it into my darkroom to develop film.

This week end is the Seattle Hempfest, one of my favorite local events to photograph. I was there today, luckily while the sun was out, and I should have a hundred or more decent photos. I am in favor of most of the things the event want to promote but most of the people attending and most of the speakers don't help their cause. Clearly Pot can have an effect on the mind. It all makes for great photo taking though.

I'm planning my next photo trip, a week to New York City. I have my plane ticket, I'm working on my lodging. Where I take photos is still a work in progress; but I expect to do as last year; and simply just walk the city with my Mamiya 6 around my neck. Ready for the decisive moment.

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