Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In these days of the ever new digital improvement I find it rather amazing that I'm still shooting film; and quite a bit of it at that. I haven't shot color film in years but I shot a lot of black and white film, although my beloved Leica MP gets very little use even for B&W. I am, however, shooting a lot of medium format B&W film through my also beloved Mamiya 6.

Two nights ago I finally finished developing my film from Dresden, Frankfurt, and Paris projects from the summer and tonight I will start developing the 50+ rolls of tri-x from my most recent NYC trip.

I think NYC must be the best city in the world to shoot street photography. As much as I love Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, et cetera, they just can't compete with New York as a location jam packed full of interesting people. It's also an amazingly safe city to walk about with a camera dangling about one's neck. I never felt concerned in New York, not downtown, uptown, LEV, Brooklyn, Queen. True, I didn't go this trip to The Bronx but the current NYC is nothing compared to my first NYC visit in 1984. Then, even with my M4 hidden under my coat I was fearful, I poked into shops to look at my map, I was told not to walk more than halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge, I avoided the subway when possible. Now, well, now New York is wonderful, simply the best. I think I would move there, at least for a year, if I could talk my wife into it. Well, at least I have my yearly photo trip, and perhaps with time I can increase that to twice a year.

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