Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Spent the holidays near Dresden, Germany. Took my Mamiya 6 with the normal and 50mm lens. Spent several days in Berlin, taking photos in the Christmas markets, and a day in Prague taking photos but the weather was less than great. Berlin was wet, windy, and cold; not to mention dark. Anyone that says Americans commercialize Christmas too much have never spent time in Germany, where the Christmas markets are like a carnival. Blasting music, amusement rides, beer, spiced wine plates of sausages, mushrooms. One can buy pretty much anything at these markets, from socks to sausages to a "rauchermann".

The weather was better in Prague but full of tourist that I didn't want to photograph and they got in the way of the wonderful buildings Prague has to offer. Prague is amazing but the bargin days are long gone. On my first visit, in 1990, I was eating good for about $4 per day (including several beers). Now the beer is that much and one must be careful to not be charged for the bottle of catsup sitting (unused) on the table).

I made the mistake of taking film other than my usual fujipan/HP5 and I fear my work will be wasted on cheap film. When will I ever learn to stick with the known and leave the bargins to others?

Came back home to a shock. No more Agfa! Agfa Rodinal, my developer of choice for the last 1/4 century is gone! So I hear Photographer's Formulary will be releasing a liquid form soon; I hope so, otherwise I will be making my own I guess.

Photo: France, Leica M6

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