Monday, February 13, 2006

I am still working on scanning my images from my last trip, to Germany, and am already getting ready for my next journey; to Los Angeles. Plan on staying in mid-Wilshire area and will bring along my bike, focusing on the areas between Hollywood and downtown. Camera choice is a tough one. I want to keep my eq to a minimun, considering that I will be mostly on my bike. I need my dslr for sure, for stock, but I really like my Mamiya 6 for my personal work. I came across a photographer, Juan Buhler,, who is using his dslr for all his work. I'm thinking of leaning that way too, at least for this trip, or at least for the L.A. part of the trip. Maybe I will take the Mamiya along for the road trip and then consider using just my dslr in L.A.

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