Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just back from a month in Europe. My first stop was Paris, for a week of street photography, the rest of my time was spent in Germany, part in the Bodensee area and part in the Dresden area; with a few days in Frankfurt.

I flew the new, this year, Lufthansa Seattle-Frankfurt route, and it was very nice. Nice new plane, friendly staff, and they even provide metal silverware with the meals. Also, their inter-Europe flights offer free beverages (like beer and wine!).

Most of my images were taken with my Precious Mamiya 6 and it's wonderful 50m lens; using Fujipan 400 black and white film. I will start processing the 75+ rolls of film after my upcoming art show . I also shot color and used my Nikon D300.

I will be displaying oil paintings at the August 16th and 17th "Fresh Paint" art show. Until then I"m pretty busy getting my work ready for display. This will be my first art show and I'm looking forward to the experience. If all goes well I expect to start attending shows across the west coast.

Photos: Paris, taken with a Nikon D300

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