Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm in NYC almost a week now but sadly must go home in a few days. I'm here doing street photography. I'm shooting mostly in black and white, using my Mamiya 6. What a great camera! It is simply the perfect street camera, even better than a Leica M. Why? bigger negative for one but I like the square format as well. When I do use my Leicas for street photography I'm often frustrated when I must shoot a vertical image; it just throws my rhythm and timing all off. If you're holding a Leica in the vertical position, even if it's not up to your face, it's pretty clear your taking or going to take a photo. My Mamiya allows me to be more discreet.

This image was not taken with my Mamiya though. By this time in the day I had run out of film, and was heading back to my room for more. I had to use my Nikon D700 and 35mm lens.

Photo: Chinatown, NYC

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