Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just added a new camera to my collection last night, a very mint Mamiya 6 with all three lenses (complete with boxes). I didn't really need it, as my trusty 23 year old 500cm works quite well for my street work but I have been searching for a Mamiya 6 for some time now. It will be great for winter work when low handheld shutter speeds make the Hasselblad not the 1st choice. I'll use the Mamiya 6 next Monday at the Puyallup Fair and get some photos posted asap.

I don't seem to find much time for my darkroom in the last year but I do love shooting film and so I've been scanning my work, for now, and will get around to printing one of these days. I'm not convinced about inkjet prints; I'm sticking with wet processing for now. I've been shooting fujipan 400 for the past few years but I'm now (re)testing HP5 and Tri-x to see if one scans better than the other. I sort of like the scanned look of HP5 but I don't like the way they cut the film short. It may work ok in my new Mamiya but in the 500cm one must start the film a bit early to be sure not to cut off the last image. Why Illford?

PHOTO: Lisbon, 500cm

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