Saturday, September 24, 2005

Man oh man, I got carried away a bit with ordering film. I guess I sort of panicked when I ran out of film abit over a week ago and ended having packages of film delivered pretty much every day this week. From Adorama I had fujipan and Illford film, from Freestyle I got, and from J&C photo I got adox and classicpan (what ever that is). I now have like 100 rolls of various brands to use/test. So what's the first outing? Well I think I will head over to Fishermen's terminal begining of the week, and I haven't been down to Pike Place Market in a while.

I did some Puyallup Fair scanning on Friday but didn't have time to upload any of it. That was my first shot with my new Mamiya 6 and they look great. It's such a nice camera I almost hate to use it; for fear of scratching it.

PHOTO: Leica M6, Paris

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