Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Went to the Puyallup fair yesterday and used my new Mamiya 6, with the 50mm lens. Haven't developed the film (Fujipan 400 and a couple old rolls of Verichrome (I'm out of 400). I already know the camera works fine but I do need to change my technique a bit from shooting with my 500cm. I have the Mamiya high around my neck where as with the 500cm I had it high on my shoulder griped in my left hand.

The Hasselblad actually has a quieter shutter, with the mirror pre-released, but that means one can't use the ground glass. I started my people on the street series, back in '89, with my, now sold, Plaubel Makina (50mm), and I had that camera hanging around my neck and a cable release hanging down. I'm just using my hand on the shutter release with the Mamiya; and no body seems to notice. The Mamiya is quieter than the Plaubel so that helps.

Just ordered some Adox 400 film from J&C Photo. Not sure if it will be Canadian Adox, Elfke film relabeled, or Illford HP5 relabeled (as I've read most recently). I also have 20 rolls of Arista EDU 400 on the way; which is suppose to be relabeled Czech film (Foma?). I'm looking forward to testing!!!

PHOTO: Hasselblad 500cm, Hot Springs, Arkansas

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