Monday, August 21, 2006

Spent the morning getting my new computer operational, like adding Dreamweaver, Photoshop CR2, Iview Mediapro, Quickbooks, and all my files. Had to download a new plug-in before PS would recognize my Minolta scanner but here are the first scans using my new Mac Pro.

Wow, is it ever fast. Before, with my old G3 PowerBook, while waiting for an image to, say, sharpen I could go down and make a Latte. Not any more! It will sharpen a 68mb file in under 10 seconds!!! It will make a html gallery in Iview in under 8 minutes, something that use to take almost an hour. nice. So, how much quicker will photoshop be once it is running native? too fast? is that possible. I may need to hire a barista!

Photos: Seattle Hempfest, taken on Saturday
Camera: Mamiya 6

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