Friday, August 25, 2006

A world record was set today. I scanned something like 32 images (all can be seen at my site, I've never scanned even half that many in a day! I keep this up I will be caught up and need to get busy and shoot more.

I heard my new computer laughing at me today; it's true. As I was scanning in Photoshop, building a html gallery in Iview, and uploading in Dreamweaver, all at the same time, I heard my computer laughing "is that all you can throw at me?". All that number-crunching only slightly slowed down this beast; a tiny bit! I couldn't be happier with my new computer (in case you can't tell).

Ok, time to run, need to get ready for the Critical Mass bike ride tonight, and I'll be stopping off at the Pike Street Market for a King Salmon to BBQ later. Oh boy.

Photo: Puyallup
Camera: Hasselblad 500cm

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