Monday, October 02, 2006

Back from the big city to the little village named Seattle. I know I will miss the constant photo opportunities NYC offers but I also appreciate the nice salt air here, and finally, after a week, having a really good Latte was pure bliss. New York was great and I'm thinking I need to make a yearly pilgrimage there, but I doubt I could actually live there (I would like to spend 6 months to a year there at some point). Not being able to see the horizon, lack of mountains, and a few other points I fear would get to me with time. It's a very nice place to visit.

Busy today catching up with business, and adding my new images to my Mac Pro. Tonight I'll start developing my 30+ rolls of B&W film. Could be a week before I start adding any black & white images but I should have color gallery up within a few days.

Photo: NYC:Soho
Camera: Nikon D200

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