Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today was just the opposite of yesterday. Today started off bright and sunny and ended up with rain. Rode the subway out to Coney Island, ate a Nathan's hot dog, of course. I should have some good B&W photos from the shopping street of Brighton Beach. Came back to Prince Street and got several rolls of images at a book and record flea market. I can hardly wait to develop my film and see what I have from this very productive week!

In the evening I went back to Soho for dinner and stopped at a place that claims they introduced the cappucino to America. Well, I hate to keep complaining about coffee but if I was blindfolded and was just handed this drink I doubt I would have associated coffee with it. It was mostly milk! No wonder there are so many Starbucks here; but I refuse to drink there (even if they are from Seattle). There are man bumper stickers in Seattle that read "friends don't let friends drink at Starbucks". I agree.

location: NYC:Soho
Camera: Nikon D200

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