Friday, September 29, 2006

Yesterday the weather was great in the big apple but this morning it has been raining and is now very grey. Might be a good day to see a museum.

I'm beginning to form some opinions about New York, for one all the talk I hear that "Seattle ain't got no delis". I never knew what that meant as we have plenty of delis to buy a sandwich at. I now think they mean "I can't or don't have time to cook so I need a big spread of prepared foods on display to scoop into a plastic container to take home.". I am also realizing some of the claims are just plain over-blown, like the pizza being so great or the beagles not to compare. Yes, they're good but not that amazing. Seattle has some great Greek pizza places for instance. Coffee, now there is a subject that Seattle clearly wins; no question about it. I have yet to find a decent coffee! I have had to leave two cups on the table, they were so bad, and now yesterday in Little Italy, surly a place to find a good coffee, I had to stop my order and walk out after seeing the woman start to make my cappucchino using pre-made espresso!!! All I see here are Starbucks, no coffee carts, no little coffee houses. Oh, how I need a Vivacé espresso!

I'm not seeing many bike riders here either. More than L.A. but far fewer than Seattle or San Francisco. That's strange considering the terrible traffic, how flat it is here and how NY has millions more citizens than either Seattle or S.F. I notice every bike is secured with a giant hardened chain, and most are wrapped with tape; to look bad. Nice.

People? There is no doubt NYC wins in having the biggest selection and quantity of people. No doubt about that. People people everywhere, and they are all in a big big hurry. Breakfast, Fast!, Walking, Fast! Subway, Jammed-in! Yes for a photographer this place is great, there is never a shortage of people. I would love to live here for 6 months, maybe a year, but for life? I think I would quickly tire of never seeing more than buildings. Because it's so flat one never sees the horizon. Seattle, S.F. you can almost always get a view to the water (plus mountains in Seattle). Yes I think I would miss the hills and views the most.

Location: East Village
Camera: Nikon D200

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