Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rant. Ok, I already made a post today but after getting off the phone with LLBean I just had to rant a little. So I call them to place an order for new flannel sheets for my VW Camper. The first thing out of the woman's mouth, once she hears I'm calling from Seattle is, "is it raining there?". Uh, no, it's not raining, in fact it hasn't rain but a few drips for months and months; I would venture to say we had, as usual, one of the nicest summers in the U.S. here in the NW. No need for A/C, no bugs to mention, just nice mild sunny days. No doubt Maine has triple the rain Seattle did during the summer, and no doubt New England had as much rain last June, when things were floating away up there, as Seattle had in the last 12 months.

This Cliché that it always rains in Seattle drives me crazy! NYC (47"), Cleveland (36"), Washington D.C. (40"), (not to mention it's cold and snowy in winter in these places) and a dozen other cities in the US, not to mention many major world cities, like Paris, Berlin, London, Amersterdam,get more rain than Seattle. Seattle only gets about 32-36 inches per year, and only a few days per year below freezing. Los Angeles had 35 inches of rain last year!!! I think even S.F. had more rain this last year than Seattle.

Truth is we have great weather. Yes it's grey much of the winter, as is Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhaagen, etc., but it's very mild as well. Not many places in the U.S., outside of California, can claim one can bicycle every day of the year (and even there it's often too hot to ride a bike). I guess my response should have been "is it snowing up in Maine?". Well, any way, no, it's not raining in Seattle, it's a nice mild fall day, and here's another photo from San Francisco. Thank You.

Camera: Leica MP

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